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We do not spy, track, or share your data. Your personal information and content is yours - not ours.


Share anything and everything: photos, videos, voice messages, disappearing content, mail, chat and more. Capture your entire world or just a moment in time.

Next Generation

Our unique permission controls let you decide who sees your content. No creepy stalkers or strangers.


Our breakthrough technology allows you to stay connected to your world through 1:1 communication or in private groups. Save and manage your content in your personal cloud storage, too.

No Ads. No Tracking. No BS.

Plus, the best chat & texting app, with privacy you trust.

Your Private Life is


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  • MeWe let’s me share my life with the people I actually like. No stalkers allowed.

    - Kristal H

  • MeWe is so much more than the ‘anti-Facebook'. It's the natural evolution of online communication.

    - Luigi

  • It’s about time someone figured out that privacy and social media can go hand in hand.

    - Melissa F

  • At first I wasn’t sure about joining another social network. But on MeWe, my information is actually safe. This is a major step in social and the privacy revolution.

    - Jonathan M